GRP Shaft Ladders

The use of GRP Shaft Ladders is beneficial for installations in corrosive environments because they consist of 100% plastic. Furthermore, they are convincing, due to easy installation and durability.

Shaft Ladder with a platform made of GRP

For greater heights we offer a Landing Platform for the Shaft Ladder, which is made of GRP profiles. The substructure and the diagonal struts of the platform consist of U-profiles, which are fastened to the wall. A GRP Grating is placed on the substructure and secured with mounting kits (V2A/V4A) The banister system is composed of posts, skirting, knee bands and handrails. 

Platform standard dimensions:

  • length = 2000mm
  • width  = 1000mm
  • height = 1200mm


boarding aid

safety barrier

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