GRP Standard Profiles

A wide range of different shapes makes it possible to use Standard Profiles in almost every application. In general, all GRP Profiles are cross-reinforced with mats. Unidirectional glass fibre roving in the centre of the profiles carry the longitudinal forces. To improve protection against UV-radiation and wear-out a surface veil can be used.

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Advantages of Reinforced Plastics

  • operating conditions from -100°C to +180°C
  • self extinguishing and halogen free
  • linear behaviour
  • low weight
  • electrical insulating
  • chemical resistant
  • corrosion and weather resistant
  • UV resistant
  • economic efficiency
  • high strength
  • easy assembly, short construction period
  • metal free – non-magnetic
  • electrical grounding is not required
  • no further maintenance is necessary
  • easy to work on, even on-site with the use of common hand tools
  • no ridges when drilling and sawing
  • for indoor and outdoor application

As a standard, isophtalic polyester resins are used for the matrix. To fulfill special requirements the following resin types are applied:

  • vinylester resin: extreme corrosion resistance
  • phenolic resin: high temperature and fire resistance
  • epoxy resin: special electrical properties
  • acrylic resin: low smoke emissions in case of fire

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